Julianne Waters has so much spunk she’s known as Juju.


She is a triple threat of performance, execution, and creation and steps into every aspect with ease. Experience working alongside the most famous names in the industry Janet Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera & Mariah Carey to name a few. She's worked with actors such as George Clooney, Aaron Paul & Jason Statham; brands such as Vitamin Water, LG, Ritz Crackers, Dannon & Money Supermarket, plus dozens of films, television shows and commercials, makes her a seasoned industry professional. 


Where choreography is concerned Juju creates a well thought-out visual with charismatic movement, giving the audience a specific point of view, while putting personality into every step. Technically trained in all areas of dance, her specialty and interest lies in working with actors & dancers alike, to pull out a delivery with confidence, moxie, wit and humor.

Most importantly she's very serious about not taking herself too seriously & with that whether it’s herself, or her choreography, Juju gives a memorable performance that will have you coming back for more ‘Good Juju’. 

Full Resumé w/ Extensive Name Dropping Here